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Body Friend by Katherine Brabon

Reviewed by Alison Huber

Body Friend is told by an unnamed narrator who is suffering from a chronic autoimmune illness and living with daily debilitating pain. Her hostile body fights against itself, and to mitigate some of its pain, she is booked in for…

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Let's Never Speak of This Again by Megan Williams

Reviewed by Aurelia Orr

Megan Williams’ debut novel, which won the 2022 Text Prize, is an authentic, gorgeously written story about friendship, teen angst, grief, and discovering one’s identity and independence.

Abby’s life is good. No, she may not be popular, and her best…

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Goddess Crown by Shade Lapite

Reviewed by Nishtha Banavalikar

Goddess Crown is a fantasy debut featuring lush imagery, immersive language, worldbuilding, and a captivating, fast-paced plot. A distant goddess rules the Kingdom of Galla, her teachings long since warped and appropriated by a kingdom of four regions. The southern…

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Eleanor Jones Is Not a Murderer by Amy Doak

Reviewed by Alicia Guiney

A fast-paced murder mystery, Eleanor Jones Is Not a Murderer takes the YA murder-mystery genre and humanises it, placing friendship and self-discovery at its core.

Eleanor Jones has spent her whole life moving from town to town. As a result…

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For Clara: Works by Schumann & Brahms by Hélène Grimaud & Konstantin Krimmel

Reviewed by Kate Rockstrom

Classical music lovers all over the world know when you say the name ‘Clara’, you mean one person. Someone who challenged the status quo, brought Brahms into the spotlight, and was the first famous working mother–musician–composer. Clara Schumann (nee Wieck)…

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Belonging by Jeannie Baker

Reviewed by Dani Solomon

Belonging begins with a beautiful collage view looking through a window into a front yard at a couple holding a baby. With each turn of the page, a year passes, and the view slowly changes in the most wonderful way…

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The Magic Gems (Lily Halfmoon, Book 1) by Xavier Bonet

Reviewed by Kim Gruschow

It’s Lily’s birthday and that means it’s also time for her to start at a new school – for witches!! This lovely graphic novel is a classic story about a reluctant new witch discovering that she has been bestowed with…

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The Universal Guide to the Night Sky by Lisa Harvey-Smith & Sophie Beer (illus.)

Reviewed by Athina Clarke

Enthralled by the night sky as a child, award-winning astrophysicist Lisa Harvey-Smith has an infectious passion for the universe, a love she’s expert in sharing.

Appropriate for both Northern and Southern hemispheres, this friendly, practical guide to exploring the wonders…

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Millie Mak the Maker (Millie Mak, Book 1) by Alice Pung & Sher Rill Ng (illus.)

Reviewed by Clare Millar

Australian literary superstar Alice Pung again pairs up with talented illustrator Sher Rill Ng (their picture book together, Be Careful Xiao Xin!, is a 2023 CBCA Notable Book) for the middle-grade novel Millie Mak the Maker. For early…

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This Camp is Doomed: A Dennith Grange Misadventure by Anna Zobel

Reviewed by Julia Jackson

The reaction of the Dennith Grange kids when they realise their school camp destination is basically a dump is one of extreme disappointment. After all, most of their other classmates are enjoying ski resorts or poolside locations, and, you know…

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