"Nadine Lalonde includes many fantastical elements in Ascension, an ambitious work featuring a cast of immortals, hunky bar owners, police officers and violent criminals. But the author’s fondness for characters that live forever and boast backstories that reach all the way to the Crusades doesn’t change the heart of this book: Despite the magic and mystery surrounding some of its main characters, this story is actually a gritty crime thriller. . . "
"Hi Nadine, Your book was a great read! The closer I got to the end I had a hard time putting it down. I believe (and hope) that the ending was a set up for a "second" book. Now that I know all the personalities in the book, I want more. Congratulations on reaching this goal to complete the book. How wonderful for you to be at the publishing stage now. How exciting! Thank you for picking me to be one of the first readers. My husband who doesn't read much has been reading it."
G. Sullivan
"I liked the concept of 'immortals' being crime fighters and it blended my two favourite genres together beautifully; a crime whodunit and urban fantasy. Ivy is a beautiful character and I like the idea of her being slightly damaged. She is compassionate and eager."
Samantha K., Chapters/Indigo
  1. Author
    Nadine Lalonde, living in London, Ontario, Canada, creates a thrilling world of crime drama including a cast of supernatural characters. She is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada and the International Association of Crime Writers.
  2. Novel
    Travel to a realm of chaos and violence. Nadine Lalonde, Author from London, Ontario, Canada, creates a unique suspense novel mixed with a bit of magic. Intrigue, love and the chase for a serial criminal will keep the reader turning the pages.
  3. Review
    "The author's fondness for whodunits and true crime stories is immediately evident, as the narrative seems drawn equally from TV thrillers such as Law and Order and vintage pulp novels, complete with grim crime scene descriptions."