Ivy, a modest and compassionate woman, is thrust into a world of violence; a life she can’t fathom. Torn and disheartened, she embraces her immortal family and learns to accept her new life with all its turmoil. Amidst the chase for violent criminals, especially the notorious College Rapist, Ivy finds love with Jay, the enigmatic nightclub owner. Jay, using his club as a breeding ground for the illicit drug trade, is on the brink of penetrating the Los Zetas cartel, the most dangerous criminal syndicate in the Americas.
Ivy and her family collaborate with a chosen few from the NYPD accepting of their vigilante ways. She builds a strong friendship with Detective Melanie Dunn, a staid, sexual assault specialist, while working together to track the College Rapist. As his spree escalates to murder, one of their own is a target of his nefarious deeds. Will Ivy find this victim in time? Will she be able to deliver her brand of justice?
At times macabre, at times introspective and dramatic, Ivy’s tale will surely entertain fans of the genre.
  1. Author
    Nadine Lalonde, living in London, Ontario, Canada, creates a thrilling world of crime drama including a cast of supernatural characters. She is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada and the International Association of Crime Writers.
  2. Novel
    Travel to a realm of chaos and violence. Nadine Lalonde, Author from London, Ontario, Canada, creates a unique suspense novel mixed with a bit of magic. Intrigue, love and the chase for a serial criminal will keep the reader turning the pages.
  3. Review
    "The author's fondness for whodunits and true crime stories is immediately evident, as the narrative seems drawn equally from TV thrillers such as Law and Order and vintage pulp novels, complete with grim crime scene descriptions."